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Name Iyslander Edit card
Type Elemental wizard - hero
Description Essence of Ice (You may have Ice cards in your deck.) If it's not your turn, you may play blue 'non-attack' action cards from your arsenal as though they were an instant. Whenever you play an Ice card during an opponent's turn, create a FrostbiSee more
Set Uprising #UPR103-MV
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About Iyslander

Iyslander, Elemental wizard - hero, designed by None first released in Jun, 2022 in the set Everfest and was printed exactly in 9 different ways. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.08.

A deck focused on control and disruption would benefit from including Iyslander in its strategy, particularly one that heavily features blue 'non-attack' action cards. While Iyslander's ability to play blue non-attack action cards from the arsenal as instants during an opponent's turn can be powerful, the downside of creating Frostbite tokens for the opponent may limit its effectiveness. Other cards like Frost Nova may offer similar control options without the drawback of benefiting the opponent, making them potentially better choices depending on the deck's overall strategy. Ultimately, Iyslander could see play in specific decks looking to capitalize on its unique abilities, but careful consideration of its drawbacks is necessary.

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