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Name Macho Grande (1) Edit card
Type Guardian action - attack
Description **Dominate** *(The defending hero can't defend Macho Grande with more than 1 card from their hand.)*
Set Local Game Store Promos #LGS087
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About Macho Grande (1)

Macho Grande (1), Guardian action - attack, designed by None first released in Dec, 2023 in the set Everfest and was printed exactly in 3 different ways.

This card, Macho Grande, would be beneficial in a deck focused on aggressive strategies, aiming to quickly deal damage to the opponent. Its Dominate ability can limit the defending hero's options, making it harder for them to block effectively. However, there may be better options depending on the specific deck archetype and strategy, such as cards with additional effects or lower cost. Ultimately, the decision to include Macho Grande in a deck would depend on the overall synergy and game plan of the deck.

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