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Name Pulverize (1) Edit card
Type Guardian action - attack
Description **Heave 3** *(At the beginning of your end phase, if Pulverize is in your hand and you have an empty arsenal zone, you may pay [3 Resource] and put Pulverize face up into your arsenal. If you do, create 3 Seismic Surge tokens.)* When Pulverize hitSee more
Set Everfest #EVR021-EA
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About Pulverize (1)

Pulverize (1), Guardian action - attack, designed by None first released in Dec, 2023 in the set Everfest and was printed exactly in 3 different ways.

A deck focused on controlling the opponent's actions and disrupting their strategy would benefit from including Pulverize. By reducing the power of the opponent's first attack after being hit by Pulverize, this card can give you a significant advantage in combat. While there may be other cards that offer similar effects, Pulverize's ability to generate Seismic Surge tokens and potentially disrupt the opponent's plans make it a valuable addition to decks that prioritize control and disruption.

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