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Name Rouse the Ancients (3) Edit card
Type Generic action - attack
Description As an additional cost to play Rouse the Ancients, you may reveal any number of attack action cards from your hand with 13 or more total [Power]. If you do, Rouse the Ancients gains +7 [Power] and **go again**.
Set Monarch #U-MON247-RF
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About Rouse the Ancients (3)

Rouse the Ancients (3), Generic action - attack, designed by None first released in Dec, 2023 in the set Monarch and was printed exactly in 4 different ways.

This card, Rouse the Ancients, would benefit a deck that focuses on accumulating high-power attack action cards in hand, particularly those with 13 or more total [Power]. While it can provide a significant power boost and the valuable go again effect, its effectiveness may vary depending on the specific cards in the deck and the overall strategy. Other cards with similar effects or better synergy with the deck's theme may exist, so it's worth considering the overall deck composition and playstyle before including Rouse the Ancients in the deck.

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