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Name Scar for a Scar (1) Edit card
Type Generic action - attack
Description When you play Scar for a Scar, if you have less [life] than your opponent, it gains **go again**.
Set IRA Welcome Deck 2019 #IRA009
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About Scar for a Scar (1)

Scar for a Scar (1), Generic action - attack, designed by None first released in May, 2022 in the set History Pack Vol.1 and was printed exactly in 9 different ways. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.12.

A deck that focuses on aggressive playstyles and maintaining board control would benefit from including Scar for a Scar. Decks that aim to pressure opponents and keep up the tempo by dealing damage consistently would find this card useful, especially if they tend to have lower life totals compared to their opponents. While Scar for a Scar can be effective in certain situations, there may be better options available depending on the specific strategy of the deck. Cards like Brutal Assault or Savage Swing might offer more consistent value and impact in a broader range of scenarios, making them potentially better choices for inclusion in a deck. Ultimately, the decision to include Scar for a Scar would depend on the overall synergy and game plan of the deck, as well as the specific matchups it aims to excel in.

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