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Name Sonata Galaxia (1) Edit card
Type Runeblade action
Description This costs Icons of mtg less to play for each Runechant you control. Search your deck for a Runeblade aura with cost X or less, put it into the arena, then shuffle. If X is 2 or more, this gets go again.
Set Heavy Hitters #HVY251-RF
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About Sonata Galaxia (1)

Sonata Galaxia (1), Runeblade action, designed by None first released in Feb, 2024 in the set Heavy Hitters and was printed exactly in 2 different ways.

This card would benefit a Runeblade deck that focuses on controlling multiple Runechants to reduce the cost of Sonata Galaxia and trigger its ability effectively. While Sonata Galaxia is a strong card for fetching Runeblade auras, there may be better options depending on the specific strategy of the deck, such as cards that provide more consistent value or synergy with other cards. Overall, Sonata Galaxia can be a valuable addition to a Runeblade deck but should be evaluated in the context of the overall deck strategy to determine if it should see play.

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