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Name Teklo Foundry Heart Edit card
Type Mechanologist equipment - chest
Description **Once per Turn Action** - [Resource]: Banish the top 2 cards of your deck. Gain [Resource] for each Mechanologist card banished this way. Activate this ability only if you have **boosted** this turn.**Go again** **Battleworn** *(If you defend with See more
Set Bright Lights #EVO012
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About Teklo Foundry Heart

Teklo Foundry Heart, Mechanologist equipment - chest, designed by None first released in Nov, 2020 in the set Arcane Rising and was printed exactly in 7 different ways. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 91.02.

This card would benefit a Mechanologist deck focused on resource generation and boosting abilities, as it provides a way to gain additional resources by banishing Mechanologist cards from the deck. While Teklo Foundry Heart has its strengths with the potential for resource gain and go again, other cards like Snapdragon Scalers may be considered better for their versatility and impact on the board. Whether Teklo Foundry Heart should see play would depend on the specific strategy and synergies within the deck, but it could be a valuable inclusion for resource-focused Mechanologist builds.

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