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Name Uzuri, Switchblade Edit card
Type Assassin hero
Description **Once per Turn Attack Reaction** - Banish a card from your hand face down: Turn the card banished this way face up. If it's an attack action card with cost 2 or less, put target attacking card with **stealth** from the active chain link on the bottoSee more
Set Hero Promos #HER077
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About Uzuri, Switchblade

Uzuri, Switchblade, Assassin hero, designed by None first released in Mar, 2023 in the set Outsiders and was printed exactly in 4 different ways.

Uzuri, Switchblade could be a valuable addition to a control-focused deck in Flesh and Blood, particularly one that aims to disrupt opponent strategies by removing key attacking cards with stealth. While the card's ability to manipulate the active chain link can be powerful, its effectiveness may depend on the specific meta and playstyle of the deck. Other cards like Shadow of Blasphemy or Whisper of the Oracle could offer similar utility in certain situations, so players should consider their deck strategy and card synergy before including Uzuri, Switchblade in their lineup.

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