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FaB: Begins the events for the Road to Nationals!

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Today the start of events for the FaB Road to Nationals was announced. Check out the news and changes to the ELO system!

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Nationals have arrived!

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Between February 17th and March 10th, Road to Nationals events begin around the world, rewarding players with promotions, Gold Foils and mainly an invitation to participate in National Championships.

Throughout the season, with a mix of Booster Draft Classic Constructed and Heavy Hitters, players will be able to earn a performance bonus through events while participating in them. The hero who is best placed will be considered the Deathmatch Arena Champion, so players who contribute to the winning hero's total points will receive a special promotion at home!


About Elo

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Today on the FAB website the launch of the ELO system was announced, replacing the previous use of separate Constructed and Limited ELO ratings. With this change they hope to unify the main competitive rankings into a single metric.

With this system, it is explained that some players may have a slightly higher rating when their results are consolidated, as soon as their victories in both types of format are accumulated.

As explained in the article and through the tables presented on the official FAB website, players with a long playing history will have an ELO rating that is different from previous ratings as they are more difficult to predict. The ELO gain will be based on his and his opponent's total, so if the Constructed ELO is similar, but the General ELO is very low, the winner will gain few points.

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Due to these changes, changes occurred in the ranking tables, with many players remaining in similar positions and others undergoing significant changes in their positions.


Excited for the next FAB events? What do you think of this change in relation to ELO, do you think it is beneficial or do you prefer the previous scoring system? Comment below your opinion! Also check out our article on The Value of Equipment and How to Use It!link outside website