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Dynasty Review: the set's impact for each class

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A review of how Dynasty has impacted each class and which archetypes it has established in the game.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Released at the same time as the Flesh and Blood world championship, Dynastylink outside website is a supplemental set that brings enhancements to already-favorite classes, as well as introducing two new heroes! In this article, I will analyze the set and what are my favorite cards for each class.

Introduction and history: Dynasty

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The emperor is dead! Dynasty* takes us inside the palace of Volcor, where the emperor, after communing with the Aesir, will become the forge that with blood, iron and sulfur will unite the people and the continent again against the revolt led by Fai, Rising Rebellion and his sister Dromai, Ash Artist, the rebellion which was the focus of the previous Flesh and Blood release, Uprisinglink outside website.


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In this set, we had the debut of the “Marvel” frame, in which some equipment in particular can be obtained, naturally with a higher rarity, included in a category “Relics of War” representing all the opulence and power of relics that were passed down from one generation to another, and today are in the arsenal of the royal palace.


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In addition to Emperor, Dracai of Aesir, which despite not having a new class, brought a new origin, the Royal, Dynasty introduces a regicidal assassin: Arakni is the first assassin hero of the game with an innovative theme of banishing cards from the opponent's deck or hand and completing contracts.

Although little explored competitively compared to current heroes, the assassin is promising with potent attack and equipment cards that can return from your graveyard to be activated again, in addition to the assassin cards having incredible arts! You can check out an Arakni deck tech herelink outside website.

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Most Relevant Cards of the Set

Here, going through a few classes, are the cards I feel are relevant to go into either new or existing builds and their depth of impact on the archetype!


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I preferred to start with the Brute class, as I believe the new cards have substantially benefited new and old Rhinar archetypes.

Berserk is a card that, combined with the already known Bloodrush Bellow allowed the birth of the archetype Brute OTK, or Brute One Turn Kill, due to the explosiveness that the card draw it can bring along with go again attacks like Madcap Charger (1) and Breakneck Battery (1).

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A weapon that hits for 7 on its own?! Despite being an equipment that requires a specific deckbuilding to work, Rok is a card that won the hearts of several players for being unique and different, in addition to clarifying it for players that Legend Story Studios as the game progresses, cards that propose situations for players to feel challenged on how to use such cards will be released.


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From the same series of weapons that hit 7 but can only hit if there are no cards in hand, we have Crouching Tiger, an Ephemeral ninja attack that can be played from banished, hits for 0 and has go again .

Ephemeral is a mechanic where if the attack with Ephemeral goes to the graveyard it ceases to exist instead (which reminds me of fighters with animal-based fighting styles, where in movie scenes the animal appears on its back).

Just like Rhinar, Katsu, the Wanderer received great toys and a brand-new archetype, known as Tiger Katsu, since he is the hero with the greatest use of attacks that are synergistic with each other, as his ability allows you to fetch the missing combination from the deck and play this turn.


Among the featured cards that fit well into the archetype, either snorting Crouching Tiger or creating more copies, Roar of the Tiger is a great combination with Predatory Streak (1), and we have Tearing Shuko to add more damage, Tiger Swipe which is absolutely phenomenal in the deck, and Qi Unleashed (1) to close the combat chain.

We also have Mindstate of Tiger, which can set up for a combo next turn, in addition to having a wonderful illustration.

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Mech darling Dash has a great combat chain finisher in the form of Hanabi Blaster. In addition, we have Pulsewave Harpoon which brings interaction with the opponent's hand, something the heroine has a hard time doing.

Bios Update is also a card that, combined with the already used Viziertronic Model i allows a mini combo, where the next attack is strengthened, and you can guarantee that an item enters the arena by placing it on top of the deck with the helmet.

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Hyper Driver (1) is already a favorite item for Dash, especially on Commoner. The card allows the construction of an archetype of the heroine, based on the item, the objective being to summon Nitro Mechanoid.

Another previously shining card in the archetype is Spark of Genius.


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Both Azalea and Lexi are heroes that haven't gained prominence even with support, so the new cards are great for renewing the class. Sandscour Greatbow enables the new mechanic of placing aim counters on arrows, thus granting benefits as seen in Drill Shot (1).

Dead Eye is a bonus effect that forces the opponent to block in order not to suffer the massive disruption of losing a card, Heat Seeker eases your attacks into turns where you use your cards to block, and Immobilizing Shot is perfect against decks that run long combat chains such as Dash and Fai.


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Although Iyslander didn't receive as many new cards in this set, Kano, on the other hand, received upgrades, and the newest Brainstorm for yet another deckbuilding challenge. Swell Tidings is also a card that brings an important recursion.

Honorable Mentions

As expected, some classes received upgrades, but they were not so impactful as to create new archetypes, just strengthen some existing ones, or create more card pool for the class, with effects that can be used in the future.


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Our dear ruler, despite a high expectation on how it would be used, so far, has not proven that its excessive number of classes compensates for the limitations of starting with 15 life, and only being able to use red cards.


I believe that over time its versatility may surface as players experience it, but so far, it hasn't gained the prominence that was expected.


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The card having its effect on instant brings her to another level in builds with Dawnblade from Dorinthea, which can empower the snowball we know the heroine loves. New cards relevant to her are also Puncture (1) and Precision Press (3).


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Despite not being unclear in which build Runeblade cards will be used, since Chane is legend in Classic Constructed and Viserai in Blitz, the card pool of the class has increased and with interesting bombs, such as Cryptic Crossing.

In grindy matchups, I also think Looming Doom will be necessary and efficient, and comboes with Spellbound Creepers, as activating the boot by responding to an attack and playing Looming Doom instantly, it is possible to apply damage from Runechant and still put counters on the aura.

Illusionist / Guardian and others

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Guardian and Illusionist received few playable cards, not least because Invoke Suraya would be usable in Classic Constructed, but currently we don't have any Light Illusionist allowed in the format as Prism is a living legend. Buckle is an alternative to Tear Asunder in the Bravo deck, but so far, has been considered worse in most situations.

The dust cards released for Dromai so far have a big downside of not having go again, so they are not being used. At the same time, Imperial Edict can remove hate cards and, so far, is part of the most interesting set of imperial cards.


Dynasty is a supplementary set that brought several interesting additions and strengthened decks that needed help, in addition to bringing beautiful art and new heroes, I believe it is an essential release due to the diversity implemented in terms of archetypes, and the improvement of outdated classes over time.

That's all for now, until next time!