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FaB Announces its new format: Living Legend!

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The rumors came true today, October 3, 2023: Living Legend was announced as the new format for Flesh and Blood!

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Unleash the potential of Heroes!

Flesh and Blood announced today, October 3, 2023, the new rules for the tournament and format: Living Legend, an evolution of Classic Constructed where Heroes will not have the limits of conventional games, freeing up your decks to their full potential!


This format consists of:

  • 1 non-young hero card

  • 80 card-pool

  • Start with a minimum of 60 cards in the deck

  • Up to 3 copies of each unique card

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    Card-Pool Construction

    O card-pool construction, the player will register his Non-Young Hero and 80 cards. The card-pool includes arena-cards and deck-cards that will start in the player's deck.

    A card can only be included in the player's card-pool if the class/talent is a subset of the Hero's class/talent. (Example: a Light talent can only be included if the Hero has a Light talent).

    The card pool can count up to 3 copies of each unique card.

    To check the list of cards allowed in the format, you can check the Card Legality Policy.link outside website

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    Tournament Structure

    On the Flesh and Blood website it is possible to check the suggested rules for tournaments related to this format, however they leave it open and can be changed at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer.

    The structure of the tournaments suggested by FaB is as follows:

  • Matches: First to 1 win

  • Round Time: 55 minutes

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    Games Process

  • Each player reveals their hero card

  • Choose a player at random, and then that player decides who will go first

  • Each player chooses the equipment, weapons, and 60-card minimum deck they will use for this game (chosen from their 80 card-pool)

  • Each player shuffles and presents their deck to the opponent, who may shuffle and/or cut

  • Each player reveals the weapon(s) and equipment they have chosen for this game, draws cards up to their hero's intellect, and the first player begins the first turn of the game

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    End of Rounds

    The match ends when one of the players wins the number of rounds for the match, normally best of 1.

    If the round time runs out and no one has yet won, the current player completes their turn and an additional turn is played. A draw is declared if the round does not end in additional turns.

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    Excited about the format?

    Comment what you thought of the announcement of this format that had already been commented on in the scenario! Did you like the suggested rules for tournaments? If you haven't heard of it yet or want to know more about Living Legends, check out where we talk about it

    Flesh and Blood Banlist and Living Legend System!link outside website